Our WebSentry Brochure

Our NP Series Brochure

Dave Lucas
President & Co-founder
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Seresco is the preferred supplier of indoor pool dehumidification equipment to the YMCA because of our unique technologies, exceptional system performance and reliability.

Our unique environmentally-friendly Protocol Technology delivers the ideal pool room environment under all conditions, uses up to 85% less refrigerant and has the lowest overall operating costs in the industry

In addition, every YMCA indoor pool dehumidifier comes with our WebSentry® Monitoring technology that redefines the concept of service and support by remotely monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all the critical functions of your dehumidifier 24/7 – in real time via the Internet. Should maintenance be required or trouble alerts occur, WebSentry® will email your designated service personnel who have immediate, secure remote online access to your system. Should your service technicians require assistance, Seresco's factory service experts are ready to help.

Seresco also provides the Y with complimentary consultation and the longest and most comprehensive equipment warranty in the industry plus priority remote service analysis via WebSentry®

Performance, Reliability & Value

Dave Lucas, President
Seresco Technologies Inc.

Our dream was to build a dehumidifier that solved the industry's most challenging issues

Our revolutionary NP or Natatorium Protocol series is the biggest industry innovation in 20 years and the future of dehumidification. A traditional natatorium dehumidifier requires a large refrigerant charge that is not just expensive, but also leads to oil and refrigerant migration control challenges that can impact compressor reliability. Traditional split systems also severely limit the distance between the unit and its remote AC condenser.

Through the use of a secondary heat exchange fluid, our ingenious NP Series overcomes both fluid, our ingenious NP Series overcomes both of these issues and more. Our NP series also provides superior humidity control, exceptional reliability and lower operating costs, with as little as 1/6th the traditional refrigerant charge. For applications requiring 100 to 840 lbs/hr hour of moisture removal or 6,800 CFM to 70,000 CFM of air handling, our NP Series beats the competition hands down – in every design consideration – every time!

WebSentry® Technology for ULTIMATE Peace of Mind!

Our WebSentry® Monitoring service redefines the concept of factory service and support by remotely monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all the critical functions of your dehumidifier 24/7 - in real time via the Internet. It also allows secure remote access and control by the factory or authorized service personnel. It even has a smartphone interface for remote monitoring and adjustments by authorized service personnel.

Imagine the same factory engineers that designed and built your system being able to remotely monitor, analyze and adjust it for peak performance after it's installed in your facility that's just one of the ways we deliver outstanding service and reliability - long after your unit has left our factory.

WebSentry® Highlights:

  • Robust online reporting of real-time performance data
  • Standard on every Seresco dehumidifier
  • Simple plug and play Ethernet connection, optional WiFi/cellular
  • Secure access and control via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Connection activates premium extended 1st year labor warranty
  • Factory or authorized service technicians fine tune unit performance remotely
  • Automated performance monitoring with trouble alerts,
    service reminders and performance data sent by email