A Better Dehumidifier

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Driven to build the best

Building a Better Dehumidifier

At Seresco, we’re driven to build the best equipment possible — equipment that we would want to buy if we were in your shoes. That means looking at every single consideration and every angle to optimize performance and value.  Here’s what makes us better than the rest of our competitors:

Superior System Design – Superior system design is the underpinning of our success. We started Seresco because we knew we could build a better dehumidifier than the competition. Not just a little better, a LOT better. And we did.

We’ve made innovation and product improvement a never-ending quest that allows us to consistently keep moving the yardsticks, in an industry that has not been know for its innovation.

See for yourself how innovation and attention to detail have made us the #1 choice of discriminating clients who understand that value on a critical piece of equipment doesn’t mean the lowest price, rather it means the lowest overall cost of ownership and a product you can count on!

Greater Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is an important aspect of our commitment to deliver the lowest overall cost of ownership to our clients.

How do we do it? We put every component and process in our equipment under the microscope to ensure that it delivers both optimal performance and optimal energy efficiency. From sophisticated software programming that optimizes every function to the design of every fan that moves air in our units, we’re proud to deliver the most energy efficient systems in our industry.

Advanced Control Systems – Sophisticated technology requires sophisticated control systems to ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

From our custom-designed Command Center Controller that simultaneously tracks and controls system operation based on input from 36 sensors, to our revolutionary WebSentry Technology allowing 24/7 internet monitoring and control, no other competitor comes close to our advanced control systems.

Optimal Corrosion Resistance – The humidity and chemicals in an indoor pools environment create some of the harshest conditions for dehumidifier operation.

As part of our promise to deliver the longest life possible and lowest overall cost of ownership, we’ve taken extraordinary care to ensure optimal corrosion resistance is achieved in every Seresco dehumidifier. From fully coated coils and pipes, to details such as a cambered roof that prevents water pooling, we’ve covered all the bases to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Easy to Service – Regular dehumidifier service is essential to ensuring optimal, trouble-free performance and the lowest cost of ownership over the long haul.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure easy and convenient serviceability, as well as low-cost replacement parts for components that require normal service replacement. We’re proud to report that service technicians are consistently impressed by our attention to detail in making our equipment as easy to service as possible.