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Professional Development Hour Credit

Seresco is pleased to provide an informative, practical, 52 minute non-commercial Natatorium Design presentation.

This is the same material that Seresco‘s Ralph Kittler regularly provides to ASHRAE Chapters as their technical speaker and to engineers across the country, and subsequently provides a certificate for professional development credit.

About Ralph Kittler

Ralph is an ASHRAE “Distinguished Lecturer” and a member of the advisory board for the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) CMAHC (Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code). He is the current Chairman of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 8.10, “Dehumidifiers and Heat Pipes” as well as that TC’s handbook subcommittee chair for their chapter 25 in the ASHRAE Systems and Equipment Handbook editions 2012 & 2016. Since 1999 he is also Technical Committee 9.8’s reviser responsible for Chapter 5, which covers Natatorium Design (Large Building Air Conditioning Applications) in ASHRAE’s Applications and is now working as lead author on that TC’s new chapter dedicated exclusively to Indoor Pool Design.

Step 1
Click and watch the video.
You must watch it to the end to receive your PDH credit.
Step 2
After watching this presentation, if you would like to receive a Professional Development Certificate, simply fill out your contact details and we’ll be happy to mail you a certificate of participation.

If you have any questions about the presentation, indoor pool design, or dehumidification, please feel free to contact Ralph directly at

PDH Certificate Request

PDH Certificate Request

You must watch the video before filling out this form. To receive your PDH Certificate, please fill in your name and address details, and we will mail you a printed copy of the certificate for your records.