Why Seresco

Seresco was Created Out of Dissatisfaction

Seresco was created out of dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction with an industry that was happy with status quo, and products that gave that industry a poor reputation for quality and reliability. For Seresco‘s founding engineers Dave Lucas, Luis Vieira and Ralph Kittler, that wasn’t good enough.

With their years of experience in the industry, they knew what owners, engineers and service professionals really wanted but could not find. They also knew with meticulous attention to design and exceptional focus on manufacturing processes that they could build the best dehumidifier in the business. A product that would set new standards for quality, performance and reliability. A product that would provide the lowest overall cost of ownership. A product that discriminating buyers would recognize as their smartest investment, in a critical piece of equipment.

They did it! More than 100 design innovations later, Seresco now builds the most advanced dehumidifiers in the world and enjoys a reputation for quality, reliability and value that is head and shoulders above the competition.


Our Future

Now as member of Dehumidified Air Solutions, Seresco continues its innovation at an accelerated pace with a keen focus on engineering the ultimate in energy efficient and environmentally-friendly technologies for indoor pool dehumidification. Dehumidified Air Solutions has allowed Seresco to accelerate expansion of its factory-direct service organization into a coast to coast network of highly trained professionals that can now offer even higher levels of service and support to Seresco customers.

When you buy from Seresco, rest assured we’re committed to ensuring the success of your project every step of the way — and long after the installation of our equipment. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and to provide you with the absolute lowest overall cost of ownership for the lifetime of your equipment.