Why Seresco

Seresco was founded with the vision to innovate the indoor pool dehumidification industry.

Seresco’s founders knew that, with meticulous attention to design and exceptional focus on manufacturing processes, they could build solutions that set new standards for indoor air quality.

Seresco now manufactures the industry’s most advanced dehumidifiers and enjoys a reputation for delivering performance and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

But that’s far from the end of our story. We are working to continue to create a positive shift in our industry by setting even higher IAQ benchmarks and empowering indoor pool owners, contractors, and engineers to create the optimal indoor pool environment.

We are innovating at an accelerated pace, with an even stronger focus on engineering the ultimate in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly dehumidification technologies. Seresco is a recognized thought leader in the indoor pool dehumidification space and regularly produces helpful resources for the industry’s key decision makers. You will find content from our indoor pool HVAC veterans right here on our website, as well as across industry publications.