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The Preferred Pool Dehumidifier of Gyms and Fitness Facilities

At Seresco, we know the importance of the guest experience in your fitness facility’s indoor pool. We also know that bottom line costs are always a key consideration when shopping for an indoor pool dehumidification system.

That’s why we build pool dehumidifiers that deliver the best environment for your pool room with optimal energy recycling and maximum energy savings. Seresco dehumidifiers are built to last, with a proven record of affordable, hassle-free maintenance to keep our systems running.

Don’t be fooled by the units with low initial cost that take thousands to operate, maintain, repair and ultimately replace. Choose Seresco right from the start, a leader in premium performance and reliability at an affordable cost.


The #1 Replacement Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

When it’s time to replace your old dehumidifier, NOBODY makes it easier and more cost-effective than Seresco. Our units are engineered to pack maximum capacity into the smallest footprint possible, making them ideal for retrofit.

How about the fact that our 2- through 7-ton NE models fit through a 30-inch doorway to deliver 850 to 3,400 CFM of air handling? If that’s not enough, our NE 200 Series also fits through a 30-inch door and delivers up to 6,800 CFM with redundant dual compressor systems allowing scalable performance and optimum energy efficiency under all conditions.



The Most Widely Recommended
Indoor Pool Dehumidifier in the Fitness Industry

If you’re building a new facility, Seresco provides state-of-the-art equipment for every climate and every size of pool. We also provide the longest warranty in the business, including a full-year labor warranty on top of a two-year parts warranty for every dehumidifier connected to our free WebSentry Internet monitoring service.

WebSentry Technology also brings a vast array of benefits for contractors, service technicians and property managers (see below). Our innovative designs, packaged systems and state of the art Protocol technologies also greatly reduce installation, piping and copper costs.

Our revolutionary Protocol technology also uses as little as 1/6th the amount of refrigerant required by traditional systems while delivering the most stable room conditions possible with virtually zero refrigerant migration and no restriction on dry cooler location distance.

Top 10 Reasons Why Industry Experts Recommend Seresco

  1. Superior Technology for exceptional performance and reliability
  2. Advanced Control Systems for optimum pool environment and happy guests
  3. Exceptional Energy Efficiency with 85% less refrigerant charge and 20% lower operating costs
  4. Lowest Overall Cost of Ownership with low installation, operating, and maintenance costs
  5. Best Warranty in the Business plus an extended fitness facility program
  6. Dedicated Support and 24/7 Remote Monitoring using WebSentry Technology
  7. Industry Credentials as the most recognized dehumidifier authorities in the HVAC industry
  8. Free Pool Water Heating through a premium energy recycling system heats pool at no extra cost
  9. Designed Exclusively for Pools to handle the harsh chemicals and humidity of indoor pools
  10. Design Consulting with complimentary Hotel design support and specification assistance