Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers

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We started Seresco to create a better indoor pool dehumidifier than anything else on the market.

Choosing a Seresco dehumidifier means unmatched quality and control. Our dehumidifier units are so convenient to service and energy efficient that you’ll enjoy cost savings for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a new dehumidifier unit or replacing an old unit, you’ll find a perfect solution for your indoor pool or natatorium’s needs.

Why Choose a Seresco Indoor Pool Dehumidifier?

  • Superior Design: The most innovative, high-quality line of indoor pool dehumidifiers in the industry.
  • Energy Efficiency: A combination of advanced software and quality components that delivers the most energy efficiency on the market.
  • Complete Control: 24/7 monitoring and control over the internet with our proprietary WebSentry technology.
  • Wear Resistance: Every component is protected from the natural wear of indoor pool environments by exhaustive design practices.
  • Easy to Service: Easily find a technician and repair or replace parts to get the most out of your system.

Our Indoor Pool Dehumidification Units

Hybrid Seresco dehumidifier

NE Compact Series

NE 200 Series

Hybrid Series

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