Scott McGillivray House

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Seresco Installed at Scott McGillivray’s House

Canadian businessman and TV personality Scott McGillivray is well-known for his wise real estate investments.

When he decided to install an indoor pool in his family home, it was another wise investment on one of the most important things that go into the success of a pool: the dehumidifier purchased came from Seresco.

In this video, Scott chats about pool dehumidification, and what makes Seresco unique, with National Sales Manager Mark Palitza.

Scott McGillivray chats with Mark Palitza, National Sales Manager for Seresco, about pool dehumidification.

We were also thrilled to be featured in one of Scott’s popular webisodes – you can see him talk about the Seresco unit around 3:16 in the video below.

We’re happy to have worked with Scott on this project to help make it a success.