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Our dream was to create
dehumidification solutions that would revolutionize
the industry and set new standards for
quality, performance and reliability.

Here’s how we did it

NP/Protocol Series

  • uses only 20% of traditional refrigerant charge
  • factory sealed refrigeration even on split systems
  • no limitations on the remote AC cooler location
  • truly stable room conditions and peak energy efficiency
  • the longest lasting, most reliable dehumidifier ever

New NE Series

New NE-series
  • an ultra-compact self-contained dehumidifiers
  • air conditioning with no outdoor condenser
  • a titanium full flow pool water heat exchanger
  • all critical components isolated from air stream
  • the simplest small dehumidifier installation ever

NE200 Series

  • twice the power, sophisticated compact footprint
  • 80 lbs/hr moisture removal fits through a 32-inch doorway
  • dual compressors, scalable, energy efficiency
  • redundant 2-compressor dual circuits
  • the smallest high-capacity
    replacement dehumidifier ever

NV Series

  • ventilation-based humidity control designed for pools
  • the lightweight cabinet, truly proven corrosion resistance
  • high performance heat recovery, never freezes
  • energy efficiency modulating control for optimal conditions
  • the highest performance, long-life ventilation dehumidifier ever


WebSentry Technology is a Game Changer

websentry Technology
  • Remotely monitors, records, analyzes all critical functions 24/7
  • Allows expert trouble-shooting and fine tuning over the internet
  • Provides true peace of mind and peak equipment performance
  • Standard on every Seresco dehumidifier at no extra cost


Customer Feedback

  • Marriot Hotels

    “We’ve done thorough research and tested every vendor and Seresco truly is a superior product with the best technology and remote monitoring and control available. These guys really have built the best performing solution possible for our needs and they stand behind their equipment”

    Terry C. Smith
    VP of Engineering, Global Design Strategies, Marriot Hotels
  • Air Force One

    “Having serviced many other brands and off brands of packaged dehumidifiers as well as built up systems, Seresco is far and away the finest of them all, from the ultimate design to the wise choices made in selecting components to corrosion resistant cabinet and chassis materials.”

    Keith C. Karbine,
    Air Force One A/C Service
  • School District 125

    “Thanks to Seresco, our sustainability mission of reducing refrigerant and chemical use in our building has been made possible. Also, there has been a noticeable difference between the old and new dehumidification technology in terms of air comfort.”

    Mark Michelini, CPA, assistant superintendent for business
    School District 125
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