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NV Series

Our dream was to build
the industry’s most energy efficient,
highest quality, compact natatorium
ventilation unit possible.

Here’s how we did it

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NV Series


  • a natatorium ventilation unit born from decades of dedicated natatorium design and dehumidifier manufacturing experience
  • a system that delivers the best possible conditions year round with the lowest overall energy consumption and most efficient energy recovery in the industry
  • the most compact, lightweight cabinet with fully corrosion protected construction for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • all of this with Seresco’s state of the art quality and engineering, touch screen panel control, CommandCenter Controller and WebSentry Technology at no extra cost


NV Series

Efficient natatorium environment control has unique challenges. Pools have both the most demanding environment control requirements and the harshest and most corrosive chemical conditions for equipment to deal with. That's why a ventilation unit for a natatorium needs to be designed by natatorium equipment experts.

Seresco's NV Series of natatorium ventilation units are designed from the ground up to deliver the same outstanding performance as our industry-leading compressorized systems. We've applied years of natatorium engineering expertise to create the lightest, most compact, most robust and corrosion resistant equipment possible. We've also used our advanced, proprietary control technologies to ensure it delivers the best room conditions and energy efficiency available.

For natatorium ventilation units from 4,000 to 70,000 CFM, trust the natatorium experts for peak performance, energy savings and the lowest cost of ownership – bar none.


Additional Insights

  • Compact corrosion resistant heat recovery designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency without risk of freezing
  • All units ship as a single piece – no site assembly required
  • Highest efficiency heat recovery in the industry
  • The industry's most compact and lightweight cabinet for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Modulating control to ensure best possible space conditions while using the least amount of energy
  • WebSentry Internet monitoring and control as a standard feature
  • CommandCenter control system
    • Sophisticated touch screen operator panel
    • Remote operator panel can be mounted up to 1000 feet away
  • Mechanical vestibule outside the airstream makes service a breeze and protects components from corrosion
  • Direct drive backward inclined plenum fans for supply air
    • Higher static pressures, quieter operation, greater energy efficiency
    • Variable frequency drives
  • Mirror configurations available for all models for maximum installation flexibility
  • 2-Sided service access for tight installations
  • Multiple supply air connection options for maximum installation flexibility
  • 2-Inch insulation, double wall construction, rain-guards over the doors, roof curb or slab design
  • Auxiliary air heating: hot water, electric, gas




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