Protocol Series


The Natatorium Protocol Series (NP) provides exceptional humidity control, smooth operating performance, and peak energy efficiency. Compared to traditional DX dehumidifiers, the NP Series reduces the system refrigerant charge by upwards of 85% and reduces annual operating costs by 5-7%.


Seresco dehumidifiers feature multiple compressors, allowing for scalable performance and optimal energy efficiency by matching the dehumidification demands of the indoor pool environment as it transitions through the seasons.

Seresco’s Compressor Wall Technology is comprised of up to 16 compressor modules in an array, with each module providing up to six stages of scalable capacity.


For applications requiring 117 to 717 lbs/hr hour of moisture removal or 8,000 to 64,000 CFM of air handling, the NP Series surpasses the competition in every design consideration.


  • Fully modulating, total variable reheat provides stable indoor air conditions
  • Utilizes only 15% of the refrigerant charge of traditional DX systems
  • Proprietary heat rejection design makes the NP Series 5-7% more efficient compared to DX systems throughout the year
  • Small factory-sealed refrigerant charges eliminate all issues of refrigerant and oil migration associated with DX systems
  • Significant reduction of system refrigerant charges lowers environmental risk (preventing costly service bills) and increases LEEDs points
  • Compliant with ASHRAE Standards 15 and 34
  • Air cooled AC heat exchanger can be located a considerable distance from the unit and uses only one set of PVC pipes instead of a copper line set for each compressor
  • Fully compatible with the Paddock Evacuator source capture system


  • Pool water heater for increased energy savings
  • Direct-drive backward inclined airfoil plenum fans offer greater reliability and energy efficiency than belt-driven systems
  • Fully-dipped coils for maximum corrosion protection – not just the fins!
  • Service vestibule outside of the air stream protects critical components, maximizes AC efficiency, and empowers ease of service
  • Extraordinary compressor protection: refrigeration pressure transducers on suction and discharge; 24/7 monitoring of critical suction and discharge pressures; pump down, crankcase heater, voltage monitor; oil separator and oil monitoring
  • Superior outdoor cabinet construction: two-inch insulation, double-wall construction, with MERV-13 filters
  • Control features include airflow switch, dirty filter switch, and smart pool/pump capability
  • Multiple compressor systems for staged control
  • Sight glasses on receivers for easy field charging of split systems
  • Flexible supply and return air openings – multiple openings also possible
  • Mirror configurations available to suit duct work requirements
  • Motorized evaporator bypass damper for proper evaporator loading and maximum efficiencies
  • Motorized outdoor air on/off damper tied to built-in seven-day time clock


Air conditioning: air cooled or water cooled, split or packaged
Exhaust with
heat recovery
Auxiliary air heating
(electric, hot water, or gas)
Purge mode
with economizer


NP Series

NP Series020024030040050064080100120
Max. Supply Airflow (CFM)23,00023,00023,00034,00034,00034,00064,00064,00064,000
Moisture Removal (lb/hr)117.2143.5179.4237.2317.9364.8477.4598.2717.6
Sensible Cooling (MBH)154.7189.5236.8313.1419.7481.6630.2789.4947.3
Pool Water Heating (MBH)2042342733904785857809751170