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A Comprehensive Resource

Natatorium design is a complex business. Providing a safe, healthy and comfortable pool environment while minimizing operating costs and delivering the best possible air quality is no simple task. Seresco’s senior engineers, with Ralph Kittler and founding partners, have created a Natatorium Design Manual, a comprehensive resource that provides valuable insight into design considerations and approaches to the critical components of natatorium design.


Checklist Included

At the core of every successful natatorium design is a system that provides the operator the year round conditions they expected while meeting ASHRAE design standards, satisfying local codes and being as energy efficient as possible. The Seresco team has worked on thousands of indoor pools and developed a helpful checklist to ensure all vital aspects are considered during the design process, included in this manual.

About the Author – Ralph Kittler, P. Eng.

In addition to being a founding partner of Seresco Technologies, Ralph Kittler is an ASHRAE “Distinguished Lecturer” and ASHRAE Technical Committee 8.10’s reviser, responsible for Chapter 25 “Mechanical Dehumidifiers and Related Equipment” in ASHRAE’s 2012 Systems and Equipment Handbook. He has also been Technical Committee 9.8’s reviser responsible for Chapter 5 which covers Natatorium Design (Large Building Air Conditioning Applications) in ASHRAE’s Applications Design Handbooks since 1999.

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