2022 IAQ Spokesperson Rowdy Gaines

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That “chlorine” smell at an indoor pool is not chlorine at all and is in fact a sign of poor IAQ.

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

A message from Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic gold medalist and IAQ spokesperson:  
Many people think when they smell “chlorine” at an indoor pool, it equates to cleanliness, when in fact what they smell is not chlorine at all, but harmful chloramines. Chloramines, the chemical byproducts of chlorine doing its job, off-gas from the pool water and build up over time. Trichloramines, the most volatile of chloramines, are a health hazard known to irritate swimmers’ eyes, skin, and respiratory tract*. Trichloramines can also cause corrosion to the indoor pool facility. Read more

For good IAQ, facility managers need to consider operating conditions and patron expectations

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

The natatorium experience for a patron should be no different than in any other room in a building. A natatorium should be comfortable, healthy and have good air quality. When designing one, the first recommended step for the designers is to meet with the facility owners to discuss the desired operating conditions and expectations. Only once the operating conditions and expectations are defined can the designer effectively calculate loads and address all the key design aspects. Read more

Rowdy Gaines, 2022 IAQ spokesperson

We first introduced Rowdy Gaines, 3x Olympic gold medalist, as our official 2022 IAQ spokesperson in January but just scratched the surface on what exactly makes him the best spokesperson for our #MakeChangeIAQ initiative. Today, we are going to go into greater detail on Rowdy – the athlete, the voice of swimming, the philanthropist and the indoor air quality (IAQ) advocate. Read More

Good IAQ is as important for parents and other supporters as it is for swimmers

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

Parents of swimmers spend almost as much time at the pool as their kids. Attending swim meets, parents, other family members and friends need to be comfortable. Good IAQ is critical in achieving a comfortable, healthy environment for spectators. Read more

Working Together to Improve IAQ and support safe swim education

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

For every Seresco unit sold with a Paddock Evacuator®, Seresco will provide one child with swim lessons through Step Into Swim. has offered to do the same, which means that for every Seresco unit sold with a Paddock Evacuator® through this initiative, we will provide two children with swim lessons that last a lifetime. Read more

Rowdy Gaines discusses the importance of good IAQ

Bob Phillips interview Rowdy Gaines to discuss IAQ insights. Gaines, well versed in IAQ and deeply connected to the communities that use indoor pools, will work with Seresco not only to change the way people think about the indoor pool environment but also to inform their understanding of how our equipment contributes to better IAQ.

There is no “one thing” that will ensure good IAQ for swimmers

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

But there is one thing for sure: swimmers in practice need air flow in the breathing zone, including across the water surface. Ever walk into a swimming facility during a swim practice and immediately smell the pool or feel humidity in the air? These are signs of poor IAQ. Read more

Supplying air to the breathing zone is critical for not only swimmers but also coaches

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

The single most important focus of the HVAC design is to provide adequate supply air down into the breathing zone (at the deck level and water surface). The supply air from the HVAC system has been conditioned and filtered with outdoor air blended in. When supply air is delivered down into the breathing zone, swimmers, coaches and volunteers will enjoy the best possible air quality. A properly designed facility will adequately control and remove chloramines while providing the treated and conditioned air to where it is most needed. Read mor

Seresco teams up with “Swimming’s Greatest Ambassador” Rowdy Gaines to deliver IAQ message

Rowdy Gaines, three-time Olympic gold medalist and the voice of Olympic swimming, will be the official 2022 IAQ spokesperson for Seresco. Rowdy will help us to achieve the mission to help engineers, contractors and owners create the optimal indoor pool environment for the communities they serve.

With Rowdy Gaines as our spokesperson, we will change how people think about the indoor pool environment and how our equipment contributes to better IAQ. Swimmers, coaches, parents, volunteers and managers of swimming facilities will gain a better understanding of the importance of good IAQ. This initiative aligns with Madison Industries’ mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Rowdy Gaines and Seresco

There is no better person to help us educate these communities than Rowdy Gaines, who is well versed in IAQ and has worked with various pool-related products and brands. Rowdy, known as the fastest swimmer on the planet throughout the 1980s, is a U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame member and member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He is a swimming analyst for television network NBC and has been broadcasting on the sport, covering swimming at the Olympic Games, since 1992.

Throughout 2022, Seresco and Rowdy will work together to ensure that the IAQ message reaches and resonates with a wider audience.

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