The Hybrid Series (NH)

The Ultimate in Hybrid Dehumidification Technology

The Seresco Hybrid Series (NH) provides the simplicity, reliability, and efficiency of ventilation-based dehumidification for indoor pools, plus a refrigeration circuit to provide air conditioning as required.

The Power of Natural Dehumidification

Typical pool dehumidifiers use a refrigeration circuit to cool air below its dew point and remove moisture, before reheating it and delivering it back to the space. While effective, it can also be desirable to use outdoor air to manage indoor humidity levels when the conditions are right. The Hybrid Series leverages the potential of dry outdoor air to accomplish dehumidification, while also incorporating a refrigeration circuit to provide sensible cooling that keeps the pool area comfortable.

Ideal for Dry Climates

While our Hybrid Series is a suitable dehumidification solution for indoor pools in most North American climates, it is most cost effective in areas where outdoor air is dry for most of the year. 


  • Outdoor air-based dehumidification is a cost-effective alternative to mechanical dehumidification in many geographies across North America and can reduce energy consumption as the compressor is not used to dehumidify
  • Its simple design makes it easier to service and maintain; smaller refrigeration components cost less to operate and maintain
  • Mechanical cooling keeps the space temperature comfortable by meeting the sensible load
  • Advanced control algorithm precisely modulates outdoor air, using only the minimum necessary to maintain space humidity
  • Direct-drive fan array with ECM motors means lower energy costs and no belts!
  • Heat recovery utilizes a glycol runaround loop, reducing the energy cost of preheating outdoor air


  • Delivering airflow from 6,000 to 64,000 CFM with ECM driven fan arrays
  • Pool water heater provides energy savings
  • Reliable, frost-free heat recovery via glycol loop when needed most (to -29˚ F / -34˚ C)
  • Fully modulating outside air up to 100%
  • Purge mode with economizer
  • Direct-drive backward inclined airfoil plenum fans offer greater reliability and energy efficiency than belt-driven systems
  • Fully-dipped coils for maximum corrosion protection – not just the fins!
  • Service vestibule outside of the air stream protects critical components, maximizes AC efficiency, and empowers ease of service
  • Extraordinary compressor protection: refrigeration pressure transducers on suction and discharge; 24/7 monitoring of critical suction and discharge pressures; pump down, crankcase heater, voltage monitor; oil separator and oil monitoring
  • Superior outdoor cabinet construction: two-inch insulation, double-wall construction, with MERV-13 filters
  • Control features include airflow switch, dirty filter switch, and smart pool/pump capability
  • Multiple compressor systems for staged control
  • Sight glasses on receivers for easy field charging of split systems
  • Flexible supply and return air openings – multiple openings also possible
  • Mirror configurations available to suit duct work requirements
  • Motorized evaporator bypass damper for proper evaporator loading and maximum efficiencies
  • Motorized outdoor air on/off damper tied to built-in seven-day time clock


Sensible air cooling available from 20 to 128 tons or with chilled water coil
Packaged space heating – hot water, electric, or gas furnace